Top 4 Best In-Text Advertising Programs for Bloggers 2017

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As bloggers, we can’t limit ourselves to one source of revenue. In this post I will be discussing In-text advertising some of the best In text advertisement networks that you can consider joining.
One FAQs(Frequently Asked Question) is about : In text advertising compatibility with AdSense .
Answer:  You can have in-text ads along with Google AdSense.
There are many ln-text Ads Platforms, such as InfoLinks which I covered in my earlier post about Alternatives to Google Adsense.
Best In-text Advertising Programs:

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    Infolinks: is another popular ad platform which is blogger friendly.
Infolinks offers many ad types & is unique for their in-text ads.
ü  Trusted advertising company
ü  Timely payouts
ü  Minimum payout is $50
It is easy to start using Infolinks & they pay using Payoneer& other methods.
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This ad network will let you monetize your outbound links. Viglink converts normal link into an affiliate link. Viglink is partnered with many existing affiliate network and it converts your normal link into affiliate links

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Vibrant is another popular advertiser with over 3000 partners which increases their chances of relevant advertisements. Vibrant Ads are easy to blend with your blog content and increase the chances of more clicks.

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BeContext provides you keywords targeted ads to attract your visitors and geographically target your visitors by country, city or timezone. BeContext is also one of the top services by Clicksor.
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Note: Your earnings depend on the location of your traffic. Example, traffic from countries like U.S always pays more than traffic from Asian countries.
In the comment section below let us know which In-text advertising network you use and which one you will recommend to others.
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