Discover The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2019

Discover The Top 10 Cryptocurrencies To Invest In 2019 1

Looking for Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019? Then read on to find out.

Cryptocurrency remains the theme of the moment but, you know what exactly? It seems that what was once talked about as a passing fad is actually here to stay. Although they still generate a strong debate about their security and if they are a profitable means of investment . But if they really were not, will there continue to be more cryptocurrency types every day? In the following article we will discuss what cryptocurrencies are and which are the most famous to invest this year.

What are cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

The cryptocurrency is a digital exchange medium, i.e, a digital currency without hardware, which uses cryptography to control and manage transactions safely between users.

Its main features, as we have said, are that it is not a physical currency, although it can be stored in devices such as hard drives or external memories; and that its creation is based on a single cryptography and currently does not depend on any body or government that is responsible for controlling this type of currency.

How many crypto-coins or cryptocurrencies exist?

Today there are more than 2,500 virtual currencies around the world and rising. In addition, every now and then, a new one appears, which is created by a process called ICO (initial coin offering) .

What differentiates all these currencies is the technology, the encryption and the philosophy they use. Most crypto currencies use Blockchain technology , but it is not the only one. As for philosophy, it can be said that there are as many as coins.

With the creation of new cryptocurrencies, new platforms have appeared to send, receive and buy different types of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin. 

The latest news of the BlockChain boom increasingly predicts the consolidation of virtual currencies, despite falls like the one suffered at the beginning of 2018. This does not mean that they are not safe or profitable, only that we should study it with utmost scrutiny when looking to take advantage of their potential.

Behold we bring to you the cryptocurrencies of the moment and the ideal to invest this 2019 .


The 10 cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019

1. Bitcoin

Surely Bitcoin is the cryptocurrency you’ve heard the most about. The reason for the fame of this digital currency is that it is the pioneer, in 2008 it was created by several people under the name of Satoshi Nakamoto. Of course, in its launch it did not have the value that it has now and most could not even think that it would reach this data.

No doubt this currency has positioned itself as a leader in the digital market and can be a great investment for this year. However, it has suffered great ups and downs and it is difficult to know when it will go up or down. Therefore, we propose other cryptocurrencies that are also worth paying attention to.


2. Ripple

The Ripple (XRP) for many experts is the successor of Bitcoin since this digital currency was created by the old Bitcoin developers with the aim of improving the benefits.

Like Bitcoin, Ripple is a totally secure and encrypted system whose information on transactions is public but the payment information is not , that is, it is a confidential system where the sender and receiver are the only ones that have the information and the code that decrypts it. A good investment option.

After the great growth experienced in 2017, this 2018 experienced a significant fall, despite still remaining positive.


3. Litecoin

Created by former Google employee Charlie Lee in 2011, Litecoin was launched as an alternative to Bitcoin .


” My vision is that people would use Litecoin every day to buy things. It would simply be the payment method of choice “

It has an upper limit to Bitcoin (84 million, compared to 21 million) and there are currently around 55 million Litecoin in circulation . For this reason, there are many experts who bet on this cryptocurrency in the future.

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4. Ethereum

The Ethereum and Ether were in 2017 one of the most profitable cryptocurrency and is an alternative based on technologies such as Aragon or Stox. It is the second digital currency in terms of capitalization that is why it is considered a great alternative to Bitcoin.

In 2018, the upward trend of this cryptocurrency was maintained until reaching its historical maximum of $ 1,423 at the beginning of the year.

What stand out most is its consolidated development of applications and the use of intelligent contracts, which is why it is a Blockchain project more ambitious than Bitcoins.


5. NEO

The NEO or the “Ethereum of China” was created in 2014 by Da Hohgfei who wanted to reassure about the fears of cryptocurrencies in his country. At that time, the Chinese government announced greater control over the digital money sector and has prohibited ICOs from freely managing. Of course NEO, is a digital currency that we can not lose sight of.

Features that can make you choose this currency is that NEO allows you to build decentralized applications as well as smart contracts, besides NEO is indivisible, not like ETH.


6. Monero

The differentiating element of Monero cryptocurrency is its anonymity. In its philosophy, Monero allows each transaction to be completely anonymous , including the sender, the recipient and the volume of the transaction. For many this is a problem because it is believed to benefit cybercriminals.

Currently there are almost 20 million in circulation and unlike Bitcoin and Litecoin, it does not have a fixed supply of coins. An investment option that we should not waste either. According to experts, Monero has the prospect of living its biggest growth and could reach $50 .


7. Dash

Dash is another peer-to-peer cryptocurrency , like Bitcoin, but it integrates more advanced features, such as: instant transactions and private transactions. The good thing about the dash cryptocurrency is that it is a digital currency that lives in volatile moments and can be acquired at a very good price.



The IOTA rose sharply after the announcement of its partnership with Microsoft even prompted her to become one of the most valuable crypto-currencies. Its big difference compared to the others is that it does not have commercial rates , nor miners or blocks. So the so-called miners are no longer needed, where a large amount of computing power and a large quantity of coins are required. Here in each transaction power is given to validate two other transactions, making the owners of the IOTA the chain’s own miners.


9. NEM

The NEM, created in 2015 as many cryptocurrencies uses Blockchain technology for its management: Its most innovative element is that it allows sending messages , registering names or creating accounts with several titles .

At the time of investing, it is considered a “low cost” cryptocurrency because of the low price with which it has closed last year, but even so the experts predict that 2018 may be a great year for the NEM, we will be expectant.


10. Cardano

The Cardano block system is relatively young hence its popular ignorance, but it promises no doubt promises. The project was born in 2015 by leading academics and engineers and has not been a reality until the end of 2017. Its currency, Ada, already has almost 26 million of the 45,000 it can hold.

What draws the attention of this currency is its division into two layers: a layer of payments where the transactions are executed and another where the applications and contracts are carried out, called the computer layer.


And that’s a wrap on the list of cryptocurrencies to invest in 2019. Tell us what you think of them. Do you think there are other crypto-currencies that will sweep the market this year? Do you think cryptocurrencies are worth investing in 2019? Talk to us using the comment box below.


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