Six Legal Ways To Make Money Online

Six Legal Ways To Make Money Online 1
Six Legal Ways To Make Money Online 2
Virtually everybody is tired of this “9 to 5” of a thing and want to make money without having to work for an arrogant boss.
In this post I will share with you “six free ways to make money online”. Many people think there are no legit ways to make money online. But the truth is, YES! You can make a lot of money online depending on your consistency, patience and of course hard work.
Do you really mean there are legit ways to make money online?
YES, there are multiple numbers of ways to make money online, both legal and illegal.

These are the 6 ways you can make money online.

Affiliate marketing is another effective way to monetize your blog. Affiliate marketing is about selecting a product related to your blog niche, display their banner or share links and then when somebody buys a product using your affiliate link, you receive a referral commission. You can also run affiliate marketing business with your social media account.
Examples of places where you can join affiliate programs include using an affiliate marketplace such as StackCommerce, ShareASaleAmazon AssociatesCJ, or ImpactRadius.

Freelance writing or article writing is a process whereby you write for someone (mostly blog owners) and you get paid-off. You can sign up as a freelance writer on platforms like Fiverr and you get paid for writing an article at the rate of $5 – $30 depending on the quality and features of the article. You will be patronized based on the quality, features and ranking of your services.
As a product reviewer, you recommend services, products and businesses to people through your blog and social media account. This works best if you get large amount of traffic on your blog and also many followers on your account. You can sign up on Famebit to become a product reviewer.

Guest posting is another way to earn some money online. Its somehow related to freelance writing, the only difference is that you get invited to write on another person’s blog and you will be given credit as the author of the post. Guest posting makes you gain a lot of recognition online if you guest post for famous blogs, it also drive lots of traffic to your own blog.
To get approved for guest posting, you must have a good writing skill.

There are many blogs that allows you to comment without waiting for approval. Do research about these blog and make a list of them and you can start commenting for other bloggers. You can also sell the list to other bloggers.

You can earn some money buy fetching out clients for website owner. These client pay for advertisement on the website and you get commission from the web owner.
To start this work, connect with itraders. These are not just the only way to make money online, we have many other ways. Read through the contents in this blog to see some other ways.
Do you have any other method you use to make money online? Kindly share it with us in the comment section for people to see. Also, you can share your experience doing any of the above methods.
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Richard Nwanekezie is an Entrepreneur, freelance writer and a blogger. He has a knack for sharing information that he thinks will be beneficial to the masses, both young and old.

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