Simple Way To Receive Amazon U.S. Affiliate Payment Using Payoneer

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It is much more easy for UK and US residents to receive their affiliate payment with direct bank deposit. If you are from countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, SriLanka or other countries where the direct deposit is not available, here is a way to receive payment.
This method is tested & trusted, so you can use it without any issue.

How To Receiving Amazon U.S. Affiliate commission using Payoneer:
Payoneer is a service like Paypal that can be used to send & receive payment. The unique feature about them is, Payoneer let you have a U.S. & Euro bank routing number that can be used to receive payment from various services. 
 In fact, in recent time they have partnered with many services & their reach is growing as we speak.
If you don’t have an account on Payoneer, you can create one using the link below. Do remember; you will also get a bonus of $25 once you have made a transaction of $100 using Payoneer. (Even if you receive Affiliate commission via Amazon of $100 or more, you will get $25 bonus money).
Once your account is activated or if you already have an active Payoneer account,
·         Login to the Payoneer dashboard.  
·         Click on Global payment service & the next page you will get USD receiving account (ACH) information.
·         Now login to your Amazon U.S. affiliate dashboard
·         click on account settings
·         Change Payment Method, enter the details of your U.S. account from Payoneer.
·         Select the option which says “Pay me by direct deposit (United States Based Associates Only)” & enter the details. 
Amazon associates commission India
Click on Submit & that’s it. In order not to get your payment delayed, make sure that you have filled out the tax information which is mandatory to receive payment.Receiving Amazon US affiliate commission
I hope this helps those who are earning money from Amazon affiliate program & couldn’t find a way to receive money in their country.
Let us know if you have any problem with payoneer or amazon affiliate.
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