Read This Tips To Keep Your AdSense Account Safe

Read This Tips To Keep Your AdSense Account Safe 1

It’s no doubt that AdSense is the best contextual and highest paying ad network for any blogger. But at the same time, getting Adsense approval is not an easy task so we need to make sure our AdSense account is safe and active.
Here are few things you should do to avoid getting banned:

Unsupported Language:
Not all languages are qualified to be used on adsense approved blog. If the language on your blog is not acceptable on Adsense TOS, please make adjustment before it’s too late. Most importantly if you are using any kind of plug-in to make your blog multi-lingua, chances are you will get banned soon.

Invalid Clicks:
So you want to get lots of ads clicked by telling your friends and readers to click on them from different I.P. address? The truth is Adsense team will eventually detect your game and put your account in disabled mode to keep their Advertisers safe.

Emailing Ads to Readers:
Some bloggers started the act of sending ads to email users and it eventually went viral causing their adsense account to get banned. It is against Google program policies.

Labeling Ads:
Labeling ads with things like “click here”, “Click to see” is another form of fraud which may get you banned.

Competitive Contextual Advertisement:
Using other contextual advertisement program that does not go in line with adsense policy is highly prohibited. Make Google adsense your only advertisement program. For monetization you can use many other ad networks that comply with Adsense TOS like Infolinks, BuySelladsTechnorati Media, Viglink.

Formatting Adsense code:
Being a programmer doesn’t give you the right to change your adsense code because it is not permitted by Google.
Rhyming with Image: Rhyming Google Adsense Image ad unit with another image on your site can be lead to getting your Google AdSense banned.

Copyright content:
If you run a blog that publish copyright contents like Movies, songs or any other files, you can get an instant ban. Adsense doesn’t allow copyright content.

Direct link to Copyright Content:
If you provide links to sites like illegal or pirated software, Ads serving could be disabled for that particular site. Contents not allowed for Adsense sites:
  • Porn, Adult material
  • Pages selling Weapons and ammunition
  • Violent content
  • Hacking/Cracking
  • Gambling/Casino
  • Racial content
  • Pages selling Drugs, Alcohol (Beer or hard alcohol)
  • Distribution of course work. (Example: Student Essays).
Paid Traffic:
It’s not permitted to buy traffic for your Adsense enabled sites according to AdSense TOS. Read Adsense landing page Quality guidelines. Although, putting your post on Social media or buying traffic from quality sites like Facebook, Stumbleupon, Reddit is not part of the violation.
You can also make ads look like content:
You can make your ads blend with the content by changing the color or size, but don’t make it look exactly like content.
  • Don’t make your AdSense ads sticky. Making it sticky is against AdSense implementation policy.
  • Using AdSense ads on a Site, which curate videos from YouTube or other video hosting site, can put your account in radar. To avoid this, ensure you also have original content on your blog. A good idea is to add 200-300 words content in your words describing the video.
  • Don’t place AdSense ads on 404 error page, Exit pages, log-in pages and thank you pages.
If you recently got banned from Google Adsense, here are AdSense alternative program with fast approval
In addition, you can use Affiliate marketing to increase your blog income.

About the Author: Richard Nwanekezie

Richard Nwanekezie is an Entrepreneur, freelance writer and a blogger. He has a knack for sharing information that he thinks will be beneficial to the masses, both young and old.

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