Make Sure You Read This Before Joining Any Affiliate Marketing Program

Make Sure You Read This Before Joining Any Affiliate Marketing Program 1Image result for shareasaleImage result for amazon
Examples of places where you can join affiliate programs include using an affiliate marketplace such as StackCommerceShareASaleAmazon AssociatesCJ, or ImpactRadius. But there is one major thing we need to clear first:
  • Payment time!
To avoid the risk of not getting paid for your efforts, you should make sure to check for the following things before promoting any product;

1. Payout Method
To avoid a situation where you earned over one thousand dollars promoting products, but didn’t get paid because there’s no acceptable payout method for your country. Ensure to check the payout methods supported by the affiliate network or program. If you don’t see any payout method that works for your country, you should talk to affiliate manager or use the program contact form & see if they can do something for you.
Here are some of the most popular ways to get paid in affiliate marketing:
2. Minimum Payout
Most affiliate programs pay when you reach a minimum payout threshold of $10-$50. There are exceptions, but more or less, it’s $50 for most affiliate networks.
Always check for the payout threshold.
3. Reputation of Product/Network
You will hear a lot of things if you ask several people about their thoughts on affiliate marketing. The reason is because some of them have made millions while others have been cheated. Well, it’s our mistake if we don’t check out the reputation of affiliate network/program before joining.
Reputation of Product/Network
To avoid being cheated, it’s better to join an affiliate program of a reputed company or through a reputed affiliate marketplace.
Here are a few of the reputable affiliate marketplaces from around the globe that you can apply for right away:
  1. ShareASale
  2. Commission Junction
  3. ClickBank
  4. JvZoo
  5. Impact Radius
  6. Refersion
  7. Amazon Associates
  8. Growsumo
  9. Rakuten
  10. Avangate
  11. Affiliate Window (Europe)
  12. TradeDoubler (Europe)
  13. vCommission (India)
  14. Flipkart Affiliate (India)
  15. Alibaba Affiliates
  16. AliExpress Affiliates
  17. iTunes Affiliates
  18. eBay Partner Network
4  Cookie Length.
All you have to do is drive traffic to a website and if a user makes a purchase several days later, You still get a commission.
So simple!
Standard practice is anywhere between 30-90 days after a user clicks on an affiliate link. Another thing is that you will also get a commission if a user purchases another product (other than the one you recommend) from the company’s website.
However, a few affiliate programs take advantage of the innocence of newbie affiliate marketers. They don’t offer:
  • Standard cookie length (30-60 days).
  • Commission on sale of other products.
Make sure to check for these two important things before signing up. Most reputable networks incorporate this standard affiliate practice & you will have no problem.
Things To Look For In Affiliate Programs
The above 4 listed points will ensure you don’t get scammed from your affiliate company, and make sure you get paid and on time.
Let us know in the comment section what other stuff you usually check for when joining an affiliate program or marketplace. Have you ever gotten scammed by an affiliate company?
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