How To Install Anti-AdBlocker Script And Stop Loosing Earnings To Ad-Blockers 1

How To Install Anti-AdBlocker Script And Stop Loosing Earnings To Ad-Blockers

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How To Install Anti-AdBlocker Script And Stop Loosing Earnings To Ad-Blockers 2

Its no more news that almost all Internet users now have AdBlockers installed on their browser, which is no doubt causing blog owners like you and i to loose revenue to this add-on.

You would agree with me that Adblocker is site owners worst enemy who monetize their blog with Google Adsense, Chitika or other advertising platforms.

Well, in this post i will share with you, two ways to bypass AdBlockers on your site by installing Anti-AdBlocker.

How To Install Anti-AdBlocker Script And Stop Loosing Earnings To Ad-Blockers 3

Adblocker is simply a piece of software designed to prevent advertisements from appearing on a web page.

How to install anti-adblock on Blogger

There are two method you can use to bypass AdBlockers which includes;

  • Method 1; Suggest user to disable adblocker on his/her browser.
  • Method 2; Force users to disable adblocker if they would like to view your content.

Edit your site HTML

Click Template -> Edit HTML.

Step 1 :- Copy and paste the code below right above the tag  ]]></b:skin> 

#swp_noadblocker { display:none;}

Step 2 :- Copy and paste the code below right above this tag </head>

<script type=”text/javascript”> if (document.getElementById(“swp_noadblocker”) != undefined) { } else { alert(“It seems like your browser has the Adblocker or other similar software installed. So if you wish to view the website please to consider disabling the ad blocker on your browser. Thanks for your corporation, “); setTimeout(“nag()”,12000); } </script>

You can edit the red lines texts to your desire.

Step 3 :- Copy and then paste the following code right above the </body>Step 3. Copy and then paste the following code right above the </body>

<script type=”text/javascript”> document.write(‘<div id=”tester”>an advertisement</div>’); </script>

Step 4 :- Save the template.

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Edit your blog layout

Step 1 :- Go to Layout > Add a Gadget > HTML/Javascript

Step 2 :- Copy and paste the code below into the html gadget.

<style>#g207{position:fixed!important;position:absolute;top:0;top:expression ((t=document.documentElement.scrollTop?document.documentElement.scrollTop:document .body.scrollTop)+”px”); left:0;width:100%;height:100%;background-color:#fff;opacity:0.9;filter:alpha(opacity=90);display:block}#g207 p{opacity:1;filter:none;font:bold 16px Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;text-align:center;margin:20% 0}#g207 p a,#g207 p i{font-size:12px}#g207 ~ {display:none}</style><noscript><i id=g207><p>Please enable JavaScript!<br />Bitte aktiviere JavaScript!<br />S’il vous pla&icirc;t activer JavaScript!<br />Por favor,activa el JavaScript!<br /><a href=””></a></p></i></noscript><script>(function(w,u){var d=w.document,z=typeof u;function g207(){function c(c,i){var e=d.createElement(‘i’),b=d.body,,l=b.childNodes.length;if(typeof i!=z){e.setAttribute(‘id’,i);s.margin=s.padding=0;s.height=’100%’;l=Math.floor(Math.random()l)+1}e.innerHTML=c;b.insertBefore(e,b.childNodes[l-1])}function g(i,t){return !t?d.getElementById(i):d.getElementsByTagName(t)};function f(v){if(!g(‘g207’)){c(‘<p>Please disable your ad blocker!<br/>This site is supported by the advertisement <br/> Please disable your ad blocker to support us!!! </p>’,’g207′)}};(function(){var a=[‘Adrectangle’,’PageLeaderAd’,’ad-column’,’advertising2′,’divAdBox’,’mochila-column-right-ad-300×250-1′,’searchAdSenseBox’,’ad’,’ads’,’adsense’],l=a.length,i,s=”,e;for(i=0;i<l;i++){if(!g(a[i])){s+='<a id=”‘+a[i]+'”></a>’}}c(s);l=a.length;for(i=0;i<l;i++){e=g(a[i]);if(e.offsetParent==null||(w.getComputedStyle?d.defaultView.getComputedStyle(e,null).getPropertyValue(‘display’):e.currentStyle.display )==’none’){return f(‘#’+a[i])}}}());(function(){var t=g(0,’img’),a=[‘/adaffiliate_’,’/adops/ad’,’/adsales/ad’,’/adsby.’,’/adtest.’,’/ajax/ads/ad’,’/controller/ads/ad’,’/pageads/ad’,’/weather/ads/ad’,’-728×90-‘],i;if(typeof t[0]!=z&&typeof t[0].src!=z){i=new Image();i.onload=function(){this.onload=z;this.onerror=function(){f(this.src)};this.src=t[0].src+’#’+a.join(”)};i.src=t[0].src}}());(function(){var o={‘’:’google_ad_client’,’’:’adscale_slot_id’,’’:’adPlaceId’},S=g(0,’script’),l=S.length-1,n,r,i,v,s;d.write=null;for(i=l;i>=0;–i){s=S[i];if(typeof o[s.src]!=z){n=d.createElement(‘script’);n.type=’text/javascript’;n.src=s.src;v=o[s.src];w[v]=u;r=S[0];n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=function(){if(typeof w[v]==z&&(!this.readyState||this.readyState===”loaded”||this.readyState===”complete”)){n.onload=n.onreadystatechange=null;r.parentNode.removeChild(n);w[v]=null}};r.parentNode.insertBefore(n,r);setTimeout(function(){if(w[v]!==null){f(n.src)}},2000);break}}}())}if(d.addEventListener){w.addEventListener(‘load’,g207,false)}else{w.attachEvent(‘onload’,g207)}})(window);</script>

Step 3 :- Save the code

That is How To Install Anti Adblocker Script On Your Blog Site.

Kindly give feedback on how the code works in the comment section below
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