How To Create Your Free Bitcoin Account 2017

How To Create Your Free Bitcoin Account 2017 1
In this post, we will be discussing How to Create A Bitcoin Account Using Coinbase but first, what is bitcoin?
How To Create Your Free Bitcoin Account 2017 2

Bitcoin is a type of digital currency in which encryption techniques are used to regulate the generation of units of currency and verify the transfer of funds, operating independently of a central bank.It was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. Transactions are made with no middle men – meaning, no banks! There are no transaction fees and no need to give your real name. More merchants are beginning to accept them: You can buy webhosting services, pizza or even manicures using bitcoin

How To Create Your Free Bitcoin Account 2017 3

Here are the steps to take:
1. Click HERE to sign up on Coinbase.
2. Click the Sign Up button.
3. Input the email you will be using for the account. Click Create an Account
4. After that, verify your email by opening and clicking on the link sent to your email inbox.
5. Click on the link will take you to an agreement page. Agree to the terms then type your names and click on Accept.
6. Create your personal payment method,
Add your phone number and verify it for account security.
The pages to do this will pop-up after clicking on Accept tab.
7. After adding your phone number you will be sent a 7 digit code. NOTE: if you can’t receive SMS, request for phone call.
8. Input the 7 digit code you received and click on Verify Phone Number. Your are done!
9. Go to Account tab and click on it.
10. You should now have a wallet which you will see on your account written “My Wallet”. You can rename it as you like. Click on Rename by the right hand side.
11. Also, you can get Bitcoin address to all the Wallets you created by clicking on Get Bitcoin Address at the end of the Wallet. You can also create as many Wallets as you want by clicking on + New Account.

How To Create Your Free Bitcoin Account 2017 4
Provided the sender and the receiver use coinbase, you can send and receive bitcoin with the email registered on coinbase
But if the sender is using a Bitcoin software or another third-party Bitcoin Wallet like, then the sender will have to use a Bitcoin address.
Example of a bitcoin address: 13zMnZRcCfUrXFpKVDaV4P2z76VYw8boFC
To get your Bitcoin Address for funding, login to your account, and click on Settings tab, then on Bitcoin Addresses tab, there you will see your address.
1. Login to your Coinbase account and you will see Send/Request tab.
2. Click on it and under SEND, insert the Recipient’s Bitcoin/email address, amount either in USD/NGN or BTC and click on Send .
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