How To Be A Better You – 32 Decisions That Will Make You Better Everyday

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Learning to be a better you, is not something that can be achieved overnight. To be better at who you are, you must strive to improve every day. You must be willing to do things that others do not want to do and above all, you must be highly demanding of yourself.


If you wish to know how to be a better you, the first thing you have to do is recognize that this search is an integral job, something that should be practiced in each of your working days, at home with your family and with your closest friends.

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What is the fastest way to be a better you?

how to be a better you

In your search for personal growth, it is very easy for you to try different methods. Also, it’s too easy to get sidetracked by the latest trend that teaches you how to be successful, which keeps changing while you’re chasing tactics, one after the other.

When a strategy does not work, we discard it and adopt a new one quickly. By repeating that cycle, the idea of ​​how to be a better you becomes complex. What used to be very clear now seems frantically out of reach.

This is why in this article you will not only find those things that will teach you how to be a better person, but also discover those behaviors that you must renounce to succeed in life.

The failure in your search on how to be a better you:

All our lives, we have been taught that failure is the opposite side of success. When we fail we may buy the idea that we are not doing anything right, that we can not achieve success.

However, the reality is totally different, since a failure (with the right attitude) represents a step that guides us towards our goals.

As the Canadian psychoanalyst Albert Bandura puts it :

“The only thing that separates successful people from the rest is the way they respond after failing, the essential point is in the attitude that is addressed in the face of the situation of failure, this will be what allows to understand it as a lesson or as a punishment”

So what do you have to do to be a better you? Here are a series of decisions that will help you with this objective:

1. Understand that the first step will always be the most difficult:

The uncertainty and fear often dominate us when taking the initiative, so it is important to understand that, although the first step is the most frightening, those who dare to give it a shot are those who understand that to produce great results we must take action, since the wait will only prolong the feeling of anguish.

2. Good things take time:

Success will not come overnight, learning how to be a better you requires time, effort and perseverance to achieve the great goals that we propose and on which we advance with our actions every day.

Knowing that we must forge a good path, we will understand when we reach the goal that the best part was to undertake and live the trip.

Let’s not forget that Henry Ford broke twice in a row, long before he started with Ford at 45.

3. Being busy does not mean we are productive:

We all receive the same number of hours per day, but each one administers it in their own way. Unfortunately we believe that by fulfilling many activities we are more productive than others.

Actually, sometimes we make lots of efforts without perceiving their results, forgetting that mere movement and activity do not mean success.

Let’s not lose focus when it comes to using our time, invest every effort efficiently in tasks that give us results.

4. We will always have less control than we want:

It is impossible to control everything around us, the environment is constantly changing and therefore circumstances are usually of multiple types.

What is possible to control is the way we react when something gets out of control or escapes our hands.

It is this attitude that will allow us to transform error into a learning experience. Not all battles can be won, but with the right attitude, we can win the war.

5. We are as good as the people we associate with:

types of friendships like being a better person

Pay attention to your friends. Does some make you feel useless, anxious or uninspired? Regardless of the response, strive to spend your time with people who inspire you and make you want to be better.

Do not forget that life is too short to associate with people who sink or limit you.

If you wish to be a better you, surround yourself with people you admire, avoid toxic people in your life, always ask yourself what value does this person you are associating with add to your life. And if non, steer clear. 

6. Our value comes from within:

Self-esteem is something we generate ourselves, but when our sense of satisfaction is linked to what others say or when we begin to compare ourselves with others, we stop being we and start pretending to be something else.

Self-love comes from each one of us, so when you feel proud of something you did, do not let the opinions of others affect you knowing full well that there are always going to be contradictors.

7. We will not always receive everyone’s support:

It is impossible to receive the absolute support of everyone, possibly many of them affect us with their negativity, anger or jealousy, so it is not healthy to spend a lot of time and energy waiting for the support of people who will not provide it. We just have to respect their opinions and move on.

8. There is no perfect time, the time is now:

perfectionist to be a better person

Being a better person is not about being perfect , there will always be things to improve on and correct. This is why, when perfection is assumed as a goal, the feeling of failure will always be maintained, since it does not exist.

As humans, we sometimes make the wrong decisions and fail as a result, but that doesn’t mean we should spend all our time thinking about what could have been.

Trying to be perfect is not a realistic goal because we just can’t be. So it is important to move forward, get excited by our small and medium achievements, value them and learn from our mistakes.

9. Fear is the number one source of lamentation:

Fear is usually such a high barrier that, even if we say that the worst thing that can happen to us is death, the really serious thing is dying while we are still alive. 

It is important that you ask yourself how badly you want to be a better you, since, as we mentioned earlier,  you must be willing to do things that others do not want to, choose attitudes that some consider unfeasible and have a persistence to assume each difficulty as a moment of personal growth.

Based on this, you must be willing to do the following:

10. You have to get up earlier than you want:

Or go to bed later than you do, find your maximum productivity point.

11. You have to give more than you expect to receive:

Being successful means helping others without expecting anything in return. When you become valuable to others, you become indispensable, you become that person that everyone runs to, to solve their difficult problems.

12. You have to worry more about others than what they can do for you:

Your attitude towards others should not be as a result of how they treat you, but should be a genuine gesture on your part.

13. You have to fight like it’s the most important battle in your life:

Being successful does not mean that you have never fallen, but that you always get up, and tried again.

Remember that failure, with the right attitude, is a stepping stone to success

14. You have to keep going even when nobody cares:

It is normal for you to feel lonely when you are looking for something that does not interest others. It is also normal to be called crazy and to be told that you do not know what you are doing with your life.

15. Invest in yourself:

If you are not willing to invest in the most precious asset you have, who else will do it? Your search for how to be a better you, requires your efforts, dedication and investment.

16. You have to look like a fool when you’re looking for answers you do not have yet:

No one came into this world with every knowledge and solutions to all life’s problems.

Life is a learning process, and every day is a teacher. 

17. You have to deliver results when you have the option to excuse yourself:

To be successful is to do something different from what other people do. Even when you have the perfect excuse, leave it aside and fulfill your responsibilities.

18. You have to find your own explanations, even when they tell you to accept things as they are:

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How many times have you been told to just keep calm and accept a situation as it is even when you know that it can be changed?

What did you do?

If you really want to be a better you, both personally and professionally, you should go out and find your own answers.

19. You have to try and fail, and try again:

You have to be willing to fall once more. In the end, after enduring several falls, you will find a way to avoid them.

20. You have to run faster even when you are tired:

Many times you will wonder why you should keep trying, why should you continue if you are tired. When you are asking yourself this, remember your desire to be a better you every day. That inner flame will make you stay in the race.

21. You have to be kind to people who treated you badly:

Resentment will not make you successful. Vengeance will not help you either. Show that you are bigger than any situation or difference you have with someone, and that you are trying to be a better person.

22. You have to comply with impossible dates and deliver unimaginable results:

Being successful means being above average, it means delivering different results and being better than others. This is demonstrated by fulfilling.

23. You have to be responsible for your actions, even when things go wrong:

When you take responsibility for your decisions and mistakes, you become a person worthy of trust. Show that you have the courage to accept your mistakes and that you are willing to correct them.

24. You have to keep moving where you want to go, no matter who is in front of you:

Decide if you want to be the best of the worst, or the best of the best. You can compare yourself with the one behind you and feel fulfilled, or fight with the one in front of you and strive to be better.

25. You have to make that call that scares you:

You have to ask for an increase in your salary, give up your work, set up your business idea, establish limits with your boss, start making money online , or aim to achieve whatever your goal is.

26. You must believe that you can make a change and not depend on the circumstances:

When you depend on situations and not on your actions, you are making it clear that you do not control the direction of your life. Focus on what you can do and not on what can happen.

Now, it is not only about habits and decisions that you must take to be a better you, there are certain things you should not do.

Here are series of behaviors which you must renounce.

27. You do not take responsibility for your actions:

Everything you do has consequences. Sometimes they are good and from others you can repent. The actions bring results. This is a universal truth and it will never change.

You may not like those results, but you will always get them. So assume your actions, there is nothing more wrong than to hold others accountable for your results.

28. Believing you know-it-all:

Do not be the kind of person who cuts people when they are talking. Listen to people, do not interrupt your employees or your customers.

Do not turn your eyes or let yourself see your impatience when the other is slow; It is selfishness and you will remain arrogant knowing that you can learn from those situations.

Let’s be honest, many of the things you hear are insignificant: facts that you already know, or criticisms that are hurtful and unusable. But if you can listen enough, you can grasp very important information that will help you succeed.

29.  You complain too much:

live complaining about everything

Stop being that person who supposedly makes others “put their feet on the ground.” Stop complaining and bringing negative energy into the lives of others, nobody likes a nagging person.

You have to be aware of the impact you have on the people looking up to you. If you complain all the time this can become an incredible mistake for the people around you because, as a leader, you are an example and the last thing you want is to lead a group of cowards and losers, so stop complaining.

30. Expecting life to be fair:

Stop thinking that you are the only person who has bad or unexpected situations. We all live in the same universe.

Life does not give you worse circumstances than others, and if you want to learn how to be happy, say goodbye to the dramas because the millionaires of today did not reach that status through complaints and negativity .

Many of the situations we call “unfair” actually come into our lives because of past decisions.

31. You tend to follow the masses:

Idiots do stupid things. Sometimes many idiots do the same things, and you may even feel that, as it is so many people, you must do it too.

We all have different experiences. The paths to success are as varied as the successful characters who have achieved it. There is not a 100 percent sure methodology, but what differentiates the successful ones is their uniqueness.

Follow your own path and make a difference.

32. Hide your mistakes to pretend that everything is fine:

As mentioned, being successful does not mean you have to be perfect . You just have to be honest, learn from the mistakes and know what strategies to adopt to achieve different results.

It does not do you any good to pretend that you are more successful than you really are. It prevents you from doing the things that would help you achieve your goals. Making yourself rich is not about having a brilliant idea and executing it. It is about taking small steps forward continuously.

When you see good results, you keep moving. When you are wrong, change course and keep moving forward.

Growing, more than time … requires attitude:

Learning how to be a better you in life is about being tough. You will have to face difficult situations, but the key is to get up and learn from your mistakes because that is how you will grow as a person.

You must accept criticism, listen to those who have more experience than you, be patient and reinvent yourself every day. Maturing takes time, but more than time, it requires the right attitude: Like learning to be a better person.

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