Great Tips To Pick Best Domain Name For Your Site Or Blog

Let’s make it clear to ourselves that Blogging is a long journey and on this journey, you can change your blog’s design, hire new writers, and change your blog niche. But you will never be able to change your domain name.
Your domain name represents your brand. Your domain name also determine your niche and what you can do with your blog.

Keyword Domain Names  or Generic Domain Names
A generic brand name like doesn’t mean anything specific, so it can be used for almost anything.
However, let’s say you have a domain name such as This name will always remind you to write about tips that will help fellow bloggers. Someone who is not a blogger and not willing to be one we ignore the site because they will immediately recognize that this blog is only for bloggers.
Domain name should not be a barrier if in future you want to broaden your focus area.
Assuming Google started with a name like, they would not be able to own YouTube, Adsense, Analytic, Admoband many more
  • Brandable names are always better than keyword focused specific names when you want to build a valuable brand.
Keyword Domain Name works great if you want to build a small niche blog.

Can I Change My Domain Name Later?
Your back links, popularity, and search traffic are all linked to your domain name. Very few people have successfully changed their domain name without any problem successfully switched to It is very important to start a blog with a good domain name. Some bloggers who do not start with a good domain name always feel bad about the choice they made years earlier.

Some bloggers get stuck with bad domain names that are hard to remember and are prone to typing in mistakes when someone is searching Your site.

For example, Yaro Starak is a well-known blogger, but his blog is based on the domain name He has voiced several times during his private training program that he must have started with a better name.
Image result for entrepreneur-journey
If he gets 10% more branding, coverage and traffic with the best domain name, what do you think it will cost? If today his website costs a million dollars, 10% of it will be $ 100,000.
This means that if he had money for investment, he could have bought a very good domain name for $ 100,000, and he would still have received a profit.
Of course, one can not predict the future success of a blogging project, and most We do not have much money to begin with. However, this does not mean that you can agree to a mediocre domain name – especially if you are very serious about blogging.
So if you have not chosen your domain name, here are some tips to help you choose the right domain name for your blog. Having a good domain name will take you to a place, and will be a valuable brand.
1. Buy (.com) The Best!
.com does not seem to lose its value, even after so many extensions of domain names launched in recent years. Every time a company is marked with a .com, the value of .com increases.
Image result for air asia - air
AirAsia did a rebranding of all its airline graphics. Previously it was written as “AirAsia” on its flights, and now it has changed to “” .These branded activities increase the value of .com! Usually many people prefer to go to .net or .org if they do not find The .com version available.
But in the long run, they will end up losing traffic to the .com version (like People remember brand names more than extensions, and instinctively just type in
If you don’t want to go for a premium domain name, you can also try your luck at LeanDomainSearch where you will find plenty of .com names that are available with different combinations of words.
2. Premium .com domain name works great!
Image result for premium .com domain name
Now that I’ve convinced you that you should go with a .com, the next question you probably have is: What can I do when all good .com domain names are already taken? Yes, it is a fact that most good .com names are already taken, but that should not stop you getting a good .com name. Many .com names are being resold. You will be able to find good .com domain names from a premium domain name market.
You can find a premium name .com here:
These premium domain name markets sell domain names from $ 50 to $ 100,000. I’m not sure what you’re specifically looking for, but if you’re planning to build a professional business, investing $ 1,000 in a high-quality domain name is not a bad idea.
3. The domain should pass the “Phone Test”.
This is the most basic requirement for choosing a domain name. If a domain does not pass the test of the phone, it would think twice before building a blog or a mark around it. If I tell you my domain name on the phone, you should be able to write it without asking me how to spell it.
 So if I say “Visit” on the phone, you will probably be able to type it without asking me to spell it out. Both the words Naija and Days are quite common and “.com” is very clear.
 “Visit” – again there is no chance of spelling errors happening here if I tell you over the phone.
Whenever I invest money in domain names, I make sure that they pass the phone test. Even if the domain name is 3 words, it’s OK, but it must pass this test.

Register and Hold Your Domain Names
If you have found a .com name available for registration, you can register that name in GoDaddy or Namecheap. The price for the first year of registration at these registrars is extremely cheap – especially around $ 2- $ 12.
The transfer of their domain names is possible after two months of registration. When you transfer your domain names to a new registrar, you will be given a one-year renewal for free, which is usually cheaper than your normal renewal charges.
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Any questions about choosing the right domain name? Leave a comment below.

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