28 Business Ideas To Make Money In 2019

28 Business Ideas To Make Money In 2019 1

When we ask people what their definition of professional success is, many will respond in an instant: “I would love to be my own boss.” And there are a lot of reasons why that desire is so common. However, when thinking about good business ideas for the dream to become a reality, it is difficult to know where to start.

Do you also have that desire? Do you think you have chosen the wrong career ? Do you dream of choosing your own work schedules? Do you want to have the autonomy to decide which are the best strategies to achieve your goals? Would you love to decide where to work? If you have already thought about starting , then this post is perfect for you.

We’ve listed 28 business ideas to make money in 2019 and that are very popular today (and, obviously, very profitable). Choose the option that has more to do with you and start planning your business.


28 Business Ideas To Make Money In 2019

Gastronomic Business Ideas

business ideas to make money in 2019

1. Restaurant specialized in a specific niche

If you think about opening a restaurant, you probably know that there are thousands of options already available in the market. Therefore, the number of competitors is very high and trying to outrank them will not be an easy task at all.

However, if you think of a specific niche, the chances of your success are much greater, because you will have a particular audience to address to, in addition to having few competitors in the market.

To help you, we’ve thought of some examples:

  • Vegetarian food restaurant (without meat);
  • Vegan food restaurant (without any ingredient of animal origin);
  • Restaurant of low calorie meals;
  • Restaurant of dietetic meals for diabetics;
  • Salad restaurant with purely organic ingredients;

You can notice that, in all these cases, there is a specific target audience: people who do not eat meat, people who have a philosophy of vegan life, people who want to lose weight, diabetics and people who care about their health and do not want to eat with transgenics, for example.

This is a very important trend in the current market: focus on the need of a group of people and meet them in the best possible way.

2. Sale of frozen foods

One of the best business ideas for those who want to be their own boss is the sale of frozen foods, mainly when we talk about healthy, nutritious and homemade meals.

Currently, there is great concern about the quality of the food we consume and, at the same time, people want practical and fast options (because almost nobody has time to be cooking for hours).

Therefore, the sale of frozen foods is an excellent option for your own business. If you have the ability to cook, this is a good possibility, you can start with little investment, even capturing customers from your social environment.

3. Food for children

Food for children is one of the best business ideas today, because it is something new and interesting, which draws much attention from people, especially parents and caregivers of minors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), in 2016 more than 41 million children suffered from childhood obesity , and the numbers are getting worse over time.

This is why more and more parents are looking for healthy options for their children. The big problem, however, is to compete with the well-known “junk foods”, which have colors and tastes that call the attention of children a lot.

An excellent option, then, is the preparation of healthy foods that have aspects and flavors capable of enchanting the little ones: salads that form funny drawings, ice cream made with natural fruits and foods placed in striking containers, for example.

4. Decorated cakes

Decorated cakes have always been popular and today they still are. This product is very sought after for various events, such as birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies and any type of party in general.

It is a specialized job and, therefore, can be charged a considerable fee to customers, mainly when it has some special feature (such as not having gluten).

5. International gastronomy

International gastronomy is usually a success anywhere, mainly in today’s globalized world: people are increasingly open and curious to try different foods from other countries.

The ideal is to conduct an investigation and find out what the interests of the citizens of the region in which you live are, but some examples are the following:

  • Arab Gastronomy
  • Japanese Gastronomy
  • Chinese cuisine.
  • Brazilian gastronomy.
  • Indian cuisine.
  • Peruvian gastronomy.

6. Gourmet cooking classes

If you are a specialist in haute cuisine, or know someone who is, a good idea is to create gourmet gastronomy courses. Teaching sophisticated and exotic recipes at home or in a space prepared for that (which can even be your own home) is an excellent option.

Another idea is to create a course on the Internet and become an online teacher , but we’ll talk about that shortly.


Craft Business Ideas

Craft business ideas to make money in 2019

7. Recycled products

More and more people recognize the importance of taking care of the environment and, therefore, the number of people looking for options of objects that harm nature less is growing.

Therefore, if you have manual skills, recycled products can be an excellent option for you. See some examples:

  • Candle holders and pots made with cans.
  • Notebooks made with recycled paper.
  • Vases made with glass bottles.
  • Shelves made with boxes of fruits.

8. Personalized gifts

This is one of the most common business ideas, but they never lose their charm. Personalized gifts are very attractive and are not found in large businesses and shopping centers. Therefore, if you have skill with crafts, this is a very interesting option.

Any type of product can be customized according to the tastes and demands of the client. Look at some options:

  • Cups with the name of the person.
  • Pillows with printed photos.
  • Agendas and diaries with personalized drawings.

9. Necklaces and bracelets

Necklaces and bracelets are items that never go out of fashion and, in addition, there is an infinity of models and styles that can be marketed.

The big advantage is that you do not need much initial investment and, in addition, they are easy to sell products (you can spread them on your social networks, in places you frequent or sell them to your acquaintances, to begin with).

Another idea is to put a virtual store with your creations. If you do not have the knowledge to start, there are several courses and tutorials on the Internet that can help you.


Fashion Business Ideas

Fashion business idea to make money in 2019

10. Sale of clothes from a specific niche

This is a case very similar to that of the specific niche restaurant, only in another segment: fashion and clothing.

Selling items for a smaller audience can be a good idea to have loyal and loyal customers to your products. See some examples:

  • Clothes for pregnant women.
  • Clothes plus size.
  • Clothes for teenagers
  • Clothes for children.

11. Holiday dresses rental

Party dresses are quite expensive items and women, in general, use them once or twice as in the case of a wedding dress. For this reason, a very good alternative nowadays is the rent of party dresses.

If you have a taste for fashion and good negotiating skills, this option may be ideal for you. It is not absolutely necessary to have a store, because you can put up your rental garments at home.

12. Style coaching

If everyone admires you for your ability to choose and combine pieces of clothing and accessories, a good idea may be the style coaching or the personal shopper function.

Carrying out an evaluation of the clothes available in the client’s wardrobe, giving advice on what to buy and where to do it or even purchasing the products are some of the activities of that professional.

If you do not want to do it personally, there is also the option to write a blog or an e-book on the subject! We’ll talk about that shortly.


Beauty Business Ideas

13. Makeup at home

Do you have talent for makeup? Have you always been the person who paints all the friends for the holidays? Have you done any course on the subject?

Then an excellent opportunity can be makeup at home. For starters, it is only necessary to have some practice and, of course, good beauty products (and a great variety, to serve all your clients well).

If everything goes well, you can even open your own room!

14. Manicure and pedicure

If you have talent to beautify the nails of the hands and feet, the manicure and pedicure can be an excellent option for you. However, it is necessary that you take a course and have a little practice before you start attending to your clients.

The materials are simple, such as cotton, enamels, nail polish removers, files and pliers.

The great advantage is that this is a service that people perform periodically: generally, once a week or every 15 days. That’s why, after you win your customers, you’ll always have a job.

15. Massages

Massage is another very popular service that pleases all types of people: men and women of any age.

You need to take a course before you start, but you do not need big investments. In addition, there is a great advantage: you can do the job anywhere (even at home or at the client’s) because many instruments are not necessary.

A massage table, some creams and towels are enough to start.

16. Eyebrow design and hair removal

Eyebrow design and depilation are highly sought services and have many positive points: very few products are needed to start, they can be done anywhere and do not require large investments.

In addition, you can combine them with other services, such as makeup.

17. Hairdressing

This is one of the oldest business ideas and that will probably exist forever. Everyone needs that service (and nobody wants to make their hair with a professional who is not excellent).

If you have talent for that type of work and do not have much money to invest, you can take courses and do the work at your home or at clients place.

If your idea is something bigger, you can set up a salon and hire specialist professionals, offering different services, such as dyes, hairstyles and various hair treatments.


Educational Business Ideas

Education business ideas to make money in 2019

18. Language school

This is one of the most profitable business ideas currently. Language schools are everywhere, because they are increasingly necessary. However, you will need to have something that distinguishes you from competitors: a different teaching method, a specific target audience (such as children), a very good physical structure or classes in an exotic language, for example.

If you do not have money to invest, but you are very good in a foreign language, you can start by giving private lessons.

19. School tutoring for children

School tutoring for children is excellent for those who have a lot of knowledge about a school subject: math, science, history, geography, music or any other.

But, obviously, in addition to knowing the subject you have to have talent for teaching and a taste for children and teenagers.

If you want to try the job, start tutoring with people you know (some brother, nephew, cousin, children of friends, etc.).

20. Preparation and correction of exams

In large schools there are freelancer jobs for specialists in school subjects, which have the obligation to develop and / or correct exams or tests. It is not a job so widespread or easy to get, but it is a good alternative for those who want to work with education without having to teach.


Sports Business Ideas

Sports business ideas to make money in 2019

21. Specialty items store

If your ideal business idea is to have a store and you love sports, a good option is to unite both. You can offer products from different departments, such as tennis, boxing, yoga, cycling, water sports, etc.

A specialized article store is quite profitable, but you have to keep in mind that you will need money to invest.

22. Dance classes

Are you an expert in some type of dance and do you like to teach? Then you can start teaching. In general, equipment is not necessary and it is possible to do it in parks or in different places.

If your idea is to invest in something bigger, you can create a dance school and hire professionals of different musical rhythms, such as salsa, tango, zumba and much more.

23. Personal training

This is a good option for those who have training in physical activity sciences, because it is a profitable business, which does not require large investments.

If you want to do something even better, you can think of an online course.

24. Gym

If you want to have a job in the sports segment and have money to invest, one of the best business ideas is to put up a gym, with different modalities.

More and more people are looking for this type of service, since the benefits of physical activities are increasingly visible and widespread.

However, remember that you will have to manage several items, such as the purchase of equipment and machinery, the personnel that must be hired, the rent or purchase of space and much more.


Business Ideas on the Internet

Online business is, surely, the best option for those who just want to be their  own boss from the comfort of their homes. We show you why:

  • You can work anywhere, since you do not need to be in any specific place to perform your tasks.
  • You can work at the time that seems best to you: you do not need to worry about office hours.
  • You get customers anywhere in the world and not only in the area where you live.
  • You can have affiliates that spread your products and make sales for you.

Some examples of online business ideas to make money in 2019 include:

25. E-books Creation

The creation of e-books is an excellent option for those who want to create a profitable digital business easily and quickly.

The e-book, or digital book, is a very popular material and much sought after by Internet users. In it, you must transmit some knowledge that you have and that can help other people.

Do you love making healthy meals? How about creating an e-book with your best recipes?

Do you know how to speak French very well? How about creating an e-book with vocabulary for beginners who will travel to Paris?

Do you know your city very well? You can create an e-book with tips for tourists!

There are millions of possibilities!

26. Online courses

The online courses are increasingly sought after around the world. The reason for this is that there are many advantages for everyone: for both students and teachers.

Some of the positive points for the student are the following:

You do not need to leave your house and face the traffic to do the course.

You can do the classes at the time that seems best, even during the early hours, if you wish.

You have the autonomy to do the course as you see fit, having a more personalized teaching, according to your needs.

Some of the positive points for the teacher are the following:

You can record the video lessons once and sell the same course for thousands of students.

The course can be sold all over the world and not only in the region where he lives.

You can choose your work schedules.

You can work anywhere, even traveling.

Various studies show that e-learning is growing more and more . Since 2000, for example, this type of education grew by 900%. In addition, almost 90% of US companies already offer online training. And another very curious fact is that students of this type of course learn about 5 times more than others.

That’s why this is the best of all the business ideas on our list! Anyone can transform some knowledge or talent into an online course. Sure you are good at something and you can help many people with everything you know.

27. Become an affiliate

Affiliation is one of the most interesting business ideas for those who want to work online without having a merchandise.

Affiliates promotes products and receive commissions every time the producer makes a sale through his promotion.

28. Mobile applications

Anyone who knows how to develop softwares and mobile applications has a great opportunity to work online and achieve many professional conquests. There are several success stories in that market.

If you do not have programming knowledge, but you have an excellent idea that can work, you can look for someone with the necessary knowledge to be your partner.

How about starting today?

If you have come this far, you know that there are many excellent business ideas for those who want to be their own boss. We are sure that at least one of the options we showed you has caught your attention!

However, we do not want you to be just dreaming: we dare you to take the first concrete step!

Oh, and if you like this post, we urge you to see also top 7 ways to make money online in 2019

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