Add A Marketplace To Your Blog and Earn A Lot Of Money with StackSocial

Add A Marketplace To Your Blog and Earn A Lot Of Money with StackSocial 1

In this post I will be discussing a platform called StackCommerce that allows bloggers monetize their blog by adding relevant products alongside their contents.

StackSocial is an e-commerce company that publishes deals on physical and digital products. These deals range from electronics to software to online courses.

StackSocial, along with CitizenGoods and SkillWise, are e-commerce platforms of the company StackCommerce. 
As stated earlier StackCommerce aims to sell products seamlessly through relevant content
Ø  Why should you use StackCommerce ?
If you are particular about a type of content, then you attract a certain kind of audience and you become unique in that space.
When people react to your content well, they are more than likely to take a step further and purchase a product that you recommend.

Ø  How To Start
Blogging deals with passion, and selling is just a by-product. If you want people to purchase products through your blog, then you must work on one thing only: CONTENT
 Features Of Stackcommerce
v  StackCommerce Integrated
You can run an e-commerce enterprise from your blog/website with StackCommerce Integrated Store.
StackCommerce compares and rate products based on your content and provides relevant products to sell on your blog/website. StackCommerce takes responsibility for your customer service, payments, and even copy-writing .
They provide analytics for you to increase your sales and tools to promoting your content. If your website contains tutorial, you can integrate a feature called ‘Academies’ that lets you monetize your course content.

Integrate a shop to your blog for up-selling products in your niche

For blogs that teach skills, Academies are a good way to monetize courses

StackCommerce affiliate program gives you access to all products in StackSocial, Citizen Goods, and Skillwise stores and also copy-able affiliate links that will get you started.
The StackSocial affiliate program dashboard
StackCommerce have almost every product you can imagine. There is a search engine to search for specific products.
StackCommerce is a very useful monetizing platform for every blogger.               

Do you have any question about StackCommerce? Kindly let me know in the comment section below.
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