9 Types Of Emails That Your Customers Will Be Happy To Receive

9 Types Of Emails That Your Customers Will Be Happy To Receive 1

Email marketing is one of the most powerful tools for conversion and gaining loyalty in digital marketing, however, it is also one of the most underutilized tools for entrepreneurs.

Sending an effective email is not an easy task because if you saturate your subscribers with irrelevant messages, you will end up in the spam folder and you will be wasting the potential of the tool.

The key to effective email marketing is RELEVANCE . If you know and understand your customers, you can send them useful, relevant and interesting information.

To help you a little when trying to captivate your subscribers, we share 9 types of emails that your customers will be happy to receive in their inbox. 

Effective emails to captivate your customers


9 Types of Emails that your customers will be happy to receive
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1. Welcome message

There are no second chances to create a good first impression, for this reason, you should design a strong welcome email that will make it perfectly clear to the client what your value proposition is and what is waiting for them should they subscribe to your list. In this first email it is important to use a pleasant and friendly language to start building a relationship of trust. The first email is a great opportunity for your client to know you and for you to meet him.

2. Launch of new products and services

For your customers it will be a great pleasure to be among the first ones to learn about the new products and services that you launch to the market. In addition, you can take advantage of pre-sale strategies.

3. Build a story

Design a sequence of emails that catch the subscriber through a good story (Storytelling). Take advantage of the versatility of digital tools to hook it from the first, to the last email. You can even make the client part of the story thanks to the interaction that email marketing tools allow.

4. Invitations to exclusive events

Be it a cocktail, dinner, party, conference, webinar, etc. your subscribers will want to participate, so be sure to include your most loyal customers on your guest list.

5. Tips and Tutorials

Send useful and practical information related to your product or your industry. It is an excellent way to ensure that your customers make optimal use of your product, while strengthening your relationship with them.

6. Discounts and exclusive promotions

A good discount, offer or promotion, is definitely something your customers will love. It is important that you manage the concept of exclusivity so that your subscribers feel that it is worthwhile to be aware of your messages.

7. Personalized surprises

Surprise your client with a personalized creative message on a date that is special to him. Show him that he is not just one more person on your list.

8. Competitions

Organize sweepstakes and exclusive contests for your subscribers, in this way you will achieve a greater interaction with them and you will maximize the engagement of your list.

9. Invitations to co-create

Customers today want to help build the brands they consume. Trends such as Co-creation, Crowdsourcing, Crowdfunding and Collaborative Economics show that customers do not want to be just consumers, so take advantage of email marketing to invite your customers to contribute their ideas for new products, services and strategies of your business

In conclusion, the most important thing is always to seek to surprise customers with exclusive and valuable content, in this way they will be attentive to your messages.

Tips to create effective emails


Tips to create effective emails

The types of emails mentioned are just ideas whose effectiveness will depend on the way you design and execute your email marketing strategy. These are some tips that will help you maximize the effectiveness of your strategies:

  • Segment: The more segmented your lists are, the greater the effectiveness of your emails. Start by organizing and categorizing your subscribers according to the variables that influence their interests and behaviors.


  • Personalize: It is important that you use an email marketing platform so that you can create massive and personalized emails with the name and any other relevant data of the subscriber according to the type of email you are going to send. From a platform you can also, for example, program customized automated messages for special dates such as your client’s birthday, Christmas, mother’s day, etc. In email marketing it is fundamental that the subscriber perceives that the communication is direct and personalized.


  • Simplify: Avoid overloading your emails with designs and content that make your upload too slow or you’ll end up in the junk folder. The more simple and concise your emails, the higher the reception, opening and reading rate. Make it simple!


  • Interact: It is key that from the very first email you send, invite your subscribers to interact so that your messages become relevant within their mail service. Invite him, for example, to answer the email or to add you as a contact.


Email marketing platforms give you a lot of valuable information to optimize your campaigns, so take advantage of it!

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