6 Best Alternative Platforms to PayPal 2017

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It’s no doubt that PayPal makes it easy to accept payment from foreign countries. But in countries like Nigeria, its not easy to accept payment from other countries into a Nigerian PayPal account.
In this post I will be discussing some reliable alternatives to PayPal.
There are many alternatives to PayPal but in this post I will list only the best money transfer sites for an alternative method to receiving payments.

                          The Best Alternative Platforms to PayPal: 2017
This list is mainly for Bloggers and Freelancers, it’s also recommended for small business owners who are finding it difficult to receive money from other countries.

1) Payoneer (The best)
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I personally use Payoneer which I enjoy so much. Payoneer is one of the oldest services for global payment. Payoneer allows you to receive money from the U.S. & European countries. 
Payoneer transaction fees are lower and help to save a lot of money. 

When you sign up for Payoneer, you receive a Prepaid MasterCard which gets shipped to your location for free in just 2 weeks. 
They have an iPhone & Android app so you can make transactions from your mobile.

Signing up for Payoneer is free, and once you have done a transaction of $100 using Payoneer, you will get a bonus of $25. ($50 bonus if you are from India)
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TransferWise was created by the people behind Skype & backed by Richard Branson. TransferWise have a low transaction fees & currency conversion charges. Meaning you won’t lose money in currency conversion.
TransferWise serves many countries and accepts several currencies.
Sign up TransferWise below. First transaction (up to £500) is free.

3) 2CheckOut.com
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2CO is a great alternative to PayPal. 2CheckOut has a high transaction & transfer fees. It is advisable to make your payment release level high so that you save on money transfer fees.
It is very easy to get started with 2CO

4) Skrill
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Skrill is a another great alternative for PayPal due to their currency conversion rates
When you sign up for Skrill, you get a prepaid MasterCard that works worldwide. They also have an iPhone & Android app so you can make transactions from your mobile.

5)   PayZa.com
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Payza is even better than PayPal in many cases.
  • Payza Offers a prepaid card MasterCard you can use as a credit card or withdrawal funds at an ATM.
  • Accept payment & withdrawal using Bitcoin.
  • Supports personal & business accounts.
  • Offers Android app.
  • Free to set up an account & no monthly or yearly fees.
  • Supports Nigeria, Pakistan & 190+ other countries.
If you are into digital currency, I will suggest you sign up for Payza.
You can create a free account or business account depending upon your need.

6) Remitly
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With Remitly, it is easy to send funds to India & Philippines. No charge on transfers over $1000. When sending money via credit or debit card, the transfer will happen automatically at the flat rate of $3.99.
You can choose to send payment without any fees, (takes 3 days).

Other popular services are:
  • Neteller
  • OkPay
  • Moneypolo
  • Western Union
  • Money Gram
I enjoy using Payoneer due to their credibility & great service.

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