Oct 6, 2017

19-year-old Ghanaian Develops a Search Engine That Can Compete With Google's YouTube

Gabriel Opare, a 19-year-old from Ghana, developed an impressive search engine.
More and more talents continue to appear on the African continent, while a 19-year-old University of Ghana has developed a new video search engine that can compete with Google and YouTube.

The student developed, a site that is described as almost corresponding to Google's YouTube. The Metasearch engine allows users to discover, search, and stream video content from multiple sources in one place. Surprisingly, Gabriel Opara is working on a postgraduate study in sociology. But his intense love for technology, web and graphic design culminated in the development of Mudclo.

Gabriel believes that Mudclo has the ability to challenge YouTube and become a global case. Gabriel said: "Mudclo is going to provoke YouTube domination, I believe my business is good enough and can be global. Although YouTube is a video hosting site, the mine combines the power of YouTube and other web hosting sites to create the Mudclo ".

Despite some of the adversities surrounding Africa, young talents continue to be on the high-altitude ladder, and with this exceptional rate of technological advancement, Africa certainly becomes the force with which it counts.

With the invention of Opare, we hope that many Africans will be inspired by the ventures in creating new products that are struggling with our various problems and giving Africa a highly skilled identity.

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