May 16, 2017

Join Infolinks Affiliate Program and Increase Your Revenue

Here at TracePreneur, we have talked about many ad networks for blogs which includes Infolinks,, and BuySellAds. In this post we will be discussing Infolinks affiliate program, which is another method to increase your revenue.
Infolinks is one of the best in-text advertisement programs. Here is a review on Infolinks in-text advertisement programs.

 Infolinks referral program:
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Initially, Infolinks referral program works greatly when you refer a large publisher. The referral program let you earn 10% of their earning for one year from any publisher that you refer. This is a good method to increase revenue.
The new referral tab is already live on your account dashboard, just click on it to get your unique Infolinks affiliate link.

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The referral dashboard shows only number of referred publisher. You can create your Infolinks Affiliate account using below link.

Are you an existing affiliate with Infolinks? If Yes! Kindly share your experience with us through the comment section. If No! Why not give it a try.

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