10 Reasons Why People Fail To Achieve What They Want

10 Reasons Why People Fail To Achieve What They Want 1

Everybody wishes to be successful but certainly, not everyone has been able to achieve that which they want. There are a number of reasons as to why people fail to achieve their goals and we will be looking at some of them in this article.

We all have that beautiful and friendly friend, who has been years without any suitor coming for her, a smart and capable cousin, who can not get a job and an acquaintance who has a high IQ but just does not do anything. These three have all the things they need to achieve their goals.

But why do they not do it?

If you ask them, they will probably give you a good justification. The beautiful friend comes out with pure boors. The intelligent cousin complains about the situation in the country and the genius says that no one understands it.

Their pretexts may be real, but the fact that they do not achieve their goals goes beyond having or not having the correct skills and characteristics.

There are people who have time, money, ideas, support and resources to achieve what they want and still do nothing. On the contrary there are others full of shortcomings, who achieve great things.

The difference is the attitude! 

People who achieve their goals, think very different from most who don’t. They do not wait for the stars to align and the planets to move in order to get what they want.

They go out to look for it – and they usually find it.

Why people fail to achieve what they want

Why people fail

Listed below are a couple of reasons why people fail to achieve what they want.

1. They do not really know what they want

One of the major reasons why people fail is because they don’t actually know what they want.

As long as you do not give yourself the task of defining your goals with precision and considering dates to achieve them, these will be no more than illusions.

It is true that the vast majority of us want to be successful from different points of view, but you should look at what is inside you and define specifically what kind of life you really want to live.

Write your goals down as it has been proven that when you write your goals, the chances of you fulfilling them are significantly increased. Writing or drawing your goals will create a commitment to them.

“He who does not know what he wants, is content with what they give him.”

2. They are too clinging to their comfort zone

Another reason as to why people fail is because they remain immersed in comfort zones full of situations they do not enjoy, but they ended up accepting simply because they got used to them.

Whenever you try to do something that represents a risk or an expenditure of energy for your brain, you will hear a voice that will tell you things like: “Mr man, you are ok just the way you are”, “what if what you want to try does not work?”, “How many people are dreaming to have your kind of life yet you are complaining “ … and many other phrases that prevent you from giving up the good to go after the great.

Everything you want to achieve is outside your comfort zone. Dare to try something new, overcome your limits, take a risk and go after your most fervent desires.

“Staying in the known for fear of the unknown, is equivalent to staying alive but not living.”

3. They prefer to give excuses that results to procrastination

You will always have a good excuse to continue postponing your dreams: lack of time, lack of money, lack of knowledge, lack of experience, etc.

Sometimes we spend more time and energy looking for excuses than looking for ways to do things. Turn your excuses into your inspiration. When you stop looking for excuses, you will begin to find results.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find the way, otherwise you’ll find the excuse.”

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4. They do not have sufficiently strong motivations

Find a purpose that makes you jump out of bed every morning. Discover what it is that makes your heart beat faster and makes you feel like eating the world.

When your “Why” and “What” are strong, you have more energy to achieve your dreams.

“The things you have in your head will lead you to achieve the possible, the things you have in your heart will lead you to achieve the impossible.”

5. They trust more in the opinions of others than in their own capacities

You will always have people around you criticizing and advising you, but in the end you are the only one who knows what is best for you.

When you stop caring about ‘what they will say’ , only then will you be ready for success. Believe in your ideas and abilities enough to take action and start being the protagonist of your own life.

Your time is limited. Do not despise living someone else’s dream. Do not get carried away by dogmas, which is the same as living with the results of other people’s thinking. Do not let the noise of others’ opinions completely drown your inner voice. And more importantly, have the courage to follow your heart and your intuition. They, in a way, already know what you really want to become. Everything else is secondary. “- Steve Jobs

6. They are not willing to pay the price of going after their dreams

The world is full of people who want to pick fruits from trees they never planted.

The truth is that great achievements require great sacrifices. The road to your dreams is full of stones, ups and downs and obstacles that are there to test your determination and to help you grow as a person.

“They want knowledge, but they do not want to read, they want money, but they do not want to work, they want the body, but they do not want to train … how easy it is to want!”

7. They only want immediate results

It may take several years before you begin to enjoy the fruits of your effort. There will be days when your goal will seem unattainable and you will feel a tremendous desire to surrender.

But, generally, nothing worthwhile is achieved overnight. You must be patient and persist until you achieve it.

“In business, everyone charges with two currencies: cash and experience, get the experience first, the cash will come later.” – Harold Geneen

8. They give up before they achieve it

Another reason why people fail is because they fall at the first obstacle or get tired halfway … but, you are not like most.

If you really want to achieve your dreams, you must be willing to get up as many times as necessary. Each fall is an opportunity to learn and try again with more strength and intelligence.

If you feel tired, rest! but by all means, do not give up.

“Those who resign are more numerous than those who fail” – Henry Ford

9. Your actions are not congruent with your wishes

Every day is an opportunity to work for your dreams, so you should try to get your actions closer to them.

Analyze your habits and customs to verify that you are really moving towards the place where you want to go. Check the books you read, the people around you and how you are investing your time.

“Ask yourself if what you are doing today, brings you closer to where you want to be tomorrow.”

10. They work hard, but not intelligently

This is yet another reason why people fail.

You may be working hard, but with the passing of the days you are filled with frustration to see that the results you get are not what you expect.

Working intelligently means: working right, prioritizing, taking advantage of technology, knowing how to delegate, working as a team and focusing.

Entrepreneurship is not about how many hours you work, but about what results you are getting.

“Focus on being productive, not on being busy.”

What are the secrets to success? The truth is that there are no secrets. If you want to be successful, you must work with effort, intelligence, discipline and perseverance.

I do wish that this article on why people fail to achieve their dreams has opened your eyes to some of the things you may be doing wrong. Hopefully, you will adjust your life to doing some of the things that would get you closer to achieving your goals.

See you on the other side!

About the Author: Richard Nwanekezie

Richard Nwanekezie is an Entrepreneur, freelance writer and a blogger. He has a knack for sharing information that he thinks will be beneficial to the masses, both young and old.

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