10 Best Business Ideas For Women (Must Read)

10 Best Business Ideas For Women (Must Read) 1


For that reason, and thinking about women like you, who are entrepreneurial mothers, we made this post, in which we are going to show you 10 best business ideas for women which you can undertake while being able to take care of your children.

How to choose a niche

How to choose a niche

Before acting upon these best business ideas for women, the first step you need to take as an entrepreneurial mother is to understand what audience you want to reach, that is, what is the niche market in which you have in mind to act upon.

Look at those around you. What do you think they still need to help them solve small situations that seem to make their day to day life difficult?

Thinking about the needs of those in your cycle of coexistence is a great way to start having ideas of new fields of action.

But, in addition, it is also important that you think about yourself. What are the issues with which you identify the most? Do you have any ability that allows you to do something that distinguishes you from others?

When you already have some specialization, it is easier to think about contents and strategies in order to create a business that generates income for you and that adds value to those who buy any of your products or services.

Finally, you can also search for what people are looking for in Facebook groups and other social media sites and forums in which you participate, and start investing in that. In this way you undertake not only something that is missing from people around you, but you manage to reach a higher audience than you imagined.

The main thing when choosing the target audience is to define well who you want to reach through your new venture in order to offer some really interesting services for your clients. Now we move to the list of best business ideas for women…

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10 best business ideas for women

Now that you have understood the ways that can help you define what your field of action will be, we are going to be giving you an interesting list of best business ideas for women which you can start acting upon.

We know that there are several paths to follow, but we separate these 10 options so you can start thinking about your initial step.

1. Consulting for mothers

Best business ideas for women

The first suggestion on our list of best business ideas for women is consulting. We’ve thought about that area because we know that, as a mother, you have lived and still live daily experiences with your child (ren) and, therefore, you already understand what can work and what does not work in certain situations.

So, why not be an enterprising mother and help other women, mainly new mothers, to better understand the day-to-day situations of motherhood?

First of all you can use all your knowledge advising women during pregnancy, postpartum, first days of the baby, etc. And do not think that only mothers of young children can do it. If you already have a teenage son or even an adult, you can provide information on all the phases of the children.

Of course, each child is different and develops in a unique way. But don’t you think other mothers want to hear you and know that they are not alone in some situations that happens with their children?

Sharing your knowledge as a mother can help other women understand the difficulties and joys that they will experience in this new stage of their lives.

2. Writing and revision of texts

Writing and revision of texts on best business ideas for women

Next on our list of best business ideas for women is writing and revision of texts.

It often seems that this field is suitable only for people who have some experience in teaching and studying the English language. However, to be a good copywriter or proofreader, strength of will and practice is necessary .

If you have some experience in writing, it will be even easier to participate in this field and this may be one of the best business ideas for you as a woman out there.

But if you still have no previous knowledge and want to start, there are several online courses that can help you understand the structure of a text. With time, practice and a lot of reading and studies, you will notice that it will be easy to write about different topics.

The good thing about this field of activity is that you can be an entrepreneurial mother without leaving home . You can, for example, write a blog about various topics (including consulting for mothers, as suggested in the first article of this post) or offer your articles to other blogs that need editors.

What counts, without doubt, is creativity. So, if you always have a new idea or you like to research a lot on different topics, this is a great way to start a business.

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3. Photography or video production

Photography on best business ideas for women

By becoming a mother, it seems that at the same time you become a professional photographer and videomaker.

Have you noticed how you mothers make millions of photos and make videos of everything your children do? How about transforming that passion for children into a profession?

The only obstacle in this field is that you will need to invest in a camera and professional lenses. But if you still do not have the necessary courage for it, you can start working with the editing of videos and photos, which is something that can be done from home and, with the money you earn from these jobs you can buy your equipment.

At the beginning you can take pictures of people you know to take the practice of photography little by little. Then, with more experience, promote your work. And to specialize, you can look for courses on photo and video techniques, so you’ll be even better prepared for that market.

4. Children’s health

Best business ideas for women
Woman taking care of a child

Which mother does not care about the health of her children! And we are not talking here just about the flu, colds, allergies or any other disease. It is very likely that you also worry about your diet and everything that implies healthy growth.

Thinking about that, how about undertaking in the field of children’s health?

For example, how about creating a healthy food delivery service to help mothers who do not have time to cook fresh food every day? Or, if you have some training / experience in physical education, you can set up a soccer team for the children to practice some physical exercise.

There are several ways to help other women on the subject of their children’s health. You just need to think about what keeps your children healthy and market those products or services for other mothers.

5. Beauty and aesthetics

Beauty and aesthetics

If you know how to make up, fix your hair, do a manicure or clean your skin, then this may be your pick on this list of the best business ideas for women .

It is possible to open a hairdressing salon. That way you are close to your children and exercise a profitable activity .

In case you do not want to open a hairdressing salon, for example, you also have the option of taking it out at home.

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6. Private classes

A teaching woman on best business ideas for women

Are your children already in school and are you the one who sometimes studies with them and helps them with their homework? That is an excellent field of action!

Many mothers, mainly those who work outside, do not have time to devote themselves to homework. Well then you can help them and still make money!

Create a “classroom” in your home and earn your money so that the children can spend the evenings there doing their homework. Even your children will benefit, since they will spend a few hours of the day studying with other children different from their classmates and dedicating themselves more to education.

If you have already been or are a teacher, you can also offer tutoring classes for students who have difficulties in the subject you know well. And this type of service can be offered at home.

7. Creation of infoproducts

Creation of infoproducts on best business ideas for women

Working using the Internet is something that has attracted many people, mainly due to the possibility of being able to work at home and dedicate more time to the family. That’s why this is why this is one of the best business ideas for women, since they can start and stay with their children.

One great idea is by creating online courses on a topic you know too well. Let’s go to an example:

Suppose you are a great piano teacher, but you can not attend to as many students as you would like due to the lack of time. A good idea is to create an online video course that teaches from the initial steps to the most advanced to whoever wants to learn this instrument. Thus, several people can buy your course without you having to give classes personally.

What you need for this type of strategy is to master the subject you teach, record your classes, make them available on an EaD platform, promote them and sell them. And if you have doubts about sales and do not know how to do it, there are those who can do it in your place, the Affiliates.

8. Become an affiliate

Affiliate marketer

As you must have perceived in number 7, affiliates are people who are dedicated to the promotion and sale of products or services of others for commissions.

Let’s see an example: if you have already been a salesperson or would like to do so, that is a good way to earn money. You only have to enter Affiliate programs and request the affiliation of a product which you think you can be able to sell without much problems.

The important thing is that, even if you do not have an idea on how to create an online course, there is the option to work on the Internet and even spend more time with the family selling products / services of other people and earning commissions for it.

9. Become a seamstress

A seamstress on best business ideas for women

This surely has to be on the list of the best business ideas for women out there.

Everyone of us have a favorite clothing that we wear so often that it even goes down. Or we need to make a hem to shirts or skirts that are too big.

If you also go through these daily problems, you know how good it is to have a seamstress nearby who makes small arrangements. So, how about being that seamstress?

This is the type of market that can be well worked within the home. All you need is a small room or room to install your sewing machine and serve customers.

Some people already have the natural gift and know how to make these small arrangements with great quality. But if you still do not know, the doors of learning are always open and you can start undertaking in this field.

10. Crafts

Craft woman on best business ideas for women

Our last suggestion on the list of best business ideas for women is for those who have a natural talent for the arts or those willing to learn how to craft their own products.

Are you good at painting, embroidering, weaving, making jewelry or any other type of craft?

Do not hide your talents. Start producing objects and look for stores to sell them, or open your own establishment. But if you do not want to work with physical stores, you can create a free online store where you upload the photos of what you sell, put the prices and carry out commercial transactions through the Internet. Once the person makes the purchase, you will only have to send the product to the site requested by the buyer.

And if you do not want to sell your products, you still have the possibility to give classes online or in person, and teach other people how to  do the same types of craftsmanship as yours.


In this post we have exposed 10 best business ideas for women so you can continue doing what you love: being a mother and an entrepreneur at the same time. If you have come this far, then you must have noticed that it is possible to reconcile these two careers, and it is necessary to understand well what is your field of action and the public you want to reach.

If you find this article helpful, then do well to share it with your friends and families. And we will also urge you to check out 28 Business Ideas To Make Money this year

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